Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day

Here we go again with table decorations. I finally figured out how to upload pictures (after one year) to the computer. Flowers bought at walmart- 10$ on Valentines Day and probably 4$ every other day!!
Bird napkin rings bought at Target after Christmas sale.
The whole look. Glasses from Goodwill and candle holders made by glueing vases to candle sticks.
New bird plates to go with the rest of the "bird thing" going on here. As Noel would say silver "coasters"
When the Sister Missionaries came for dinner they liked my table so much that they wanted to take a picture to send home. I liked it but did not realize it was that spectacular. I need to spend less time on table decor and more time on food prep!


Maren&Jordan said...

Very beautiful Mom! I love all the details and wish I was there to participate!

LesliAnn said...

Wow mom- very nicely done! Your table definitely beat ours. It was Luke's turn to set the table so we ended up with Star Wars paper plates, green napkins, and crumbs of food leftover from the night before.