Monday, April 13, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

Here is what I was doing this weekend. No not hanging from basketball hoops, but hanging with this crowd. Who would have thought that a "church" dance could be so lively! This past weekend was Youth Conference, held once a year for the teens ages 14-18 that go to our church. Others are of course invited. I guess "dancing" has taken on a whole new meaning for this group or else the dance moves got so fast that they ended up on the basketball hoop! Who said "What do you do for fun?" "Uh, we hang from hoops in the church gym, of course!"

Me showing up for duty.
My companion during the whole thing- the one with the glasses.
My other friends were there too. They included, Hercules, sleepy the dwarf, a various assortment of princesses, a king, snow white in a little red riding hood costume, a narrator/jester, the devil, an angel, and one guy that was in the hall when we said, "Time to get on your costume!"
The star of our show-in case you did not recognize her it is Hayley-she got to dance with the King! I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maren's Masterpiece

This is not Maren's masterpiece. It is actually Chris VanZandt, Hayley's bf. Poor guy needs a new pair of longer britches!
Hayley and Chris going to the Jazz Dinner Dance- she actually is wearing an "old" dress. The one she wore to Maren's wedding-3 years ago.
Another pic of the dancing couple.
At last the masterpiece. Maren actually made this dress, especially for Hayley. It is a very cool dress with the dark blue part attached to the dress but loose on one end so that it could be worn as a shawl or however she wanted to configure it. What a beauty in a beautiful dress. Thanks so much Marez.