Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Rest of the Story

After our trip to NYC we then ventured to Utah to see Maren graduate, the Dille fam and the Hansen gang. Here is Master Luke in B&W.
Julia showing the 6 pack.
Grammy and Luke.
The graduate with her sippy cup.
Since I have no graduation pics with this camera-here is the proof- Maren's fav-Costco cake.
Three Hansens and a Dille at the FREEZING picnic in honor of Marz
Mark- the son of Allison (Dille) and Chris Whitney in the Francisco Park Ward, Las Vegas Nev.
Maren and Les at midnight walking the strip- we were a wild bunch.
Les walking into Gordon Biersch- a very yummy restaurant in LV. We had garlic fries and ginger glazed chicken wings for appetizers. We were not even hungry for dinner.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Break in NYC

We are finally back from our 10 day spring break extravaganza to nyc, utah and las vegas. I tried to down load all the nyc pictures but could only do the ones you will see here. When Hayley and I got to JFK airport on Sat. 4/18 we spent 3 hours riding subways, train and lugging our 49 lb. bags up and down countless subway stairs and through turnstiles to get to our New Jersey hotel room. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and we had been traveling for almost 6 hours- it would have been quicker to drive! After a short nap we ventured out of the room to see some of NYC After another long subway ride we got back to Manhattan. We spent the rest of the day shopping at Century 21, glimpsing at Ground Zero, buzzing around Soho, and eating. We went to Lombardi's- supposedly the first pizzeria in NYC. It was YUMMY- then we went across the street to the place above-Rice to Riches- a smorgasbord of rice puddings. We had a combo of "French toast" and" vanilla extraordinaire". We thought we would never be able to eat all of it but we rallied and finished the whole thing.
Sunday am- Got up and conquered the subway again to go to church on 14th street. A church where the chapel is upstairs. It was a very busy crowded ward and the missionaries were from Russia and Brazil. Then we met up with GSD (who flew in that am) and we went to see the Manhattan temple across from Lincoln Center, then to get a really bad lunch at a little Greek restaurant. Then on to see the Little Mermaid. This is the back drop to the play. It was wonderful and we wondered about Julia and how we would ever get her to see it.
Hayley and I FREEZING out side of the theater.
A picture of Time Square after the play.
We dragged GSD to this very popular Freeman's restaurant. In a very old, hip building in Soho. The atmosphere was cool, but the food was expensive, not that good and (as i most NY restaurants) the people at the next table were touching elbows with us. GSD is still talking about the warm water and watery potatoes.
GSD waiting in the only chair at Urban Outfitter- it was in the window. He got the funniest book ever and made us laugh so hard we were crying when he read it to us at the subway stop.
Monday- spent touring Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty- it was foggy but still cool.
Me and Hayley FREEZING at the Statue of Liberty
All in all we had a good time and left saying what we always say- "I would never want to live here-but it is very fun to visit"