Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sat. Mar 21 update

Nothing to do with the house again- Hayley and Chris VanZandt at his Eagle Court of honor on Sat. Hayley in her skirt I designed- Alexander Henry Bird Seed print.
New walk in closet installed on Fri
Another look at the walk in closet installed on Fri
View of the apartment entrance looking straight ahead to the kitchen
View looking into the family room
Dave Bradstreet standing in the entrance to the bedroom

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Change of Bathroom and Funny Gift for GSD

Isn't this great! This little guy is a bday gift from the Hansen gang to GSD. They pegged him right didn't they! I am going to put in small letters on his hat "#1 Grandpa".
Here is the change of plan for the bathroom downstairs. The cabinet is an off white with a kind of brown glaze. You can't see that in this picture. Small tile is the counter and the large tile is the floor. Small chip is the paint.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday's Progress

Nothing to do with the house- here is Rusty living it up with Hayley and her friend Maureen on Saturday morning.
Looking down the hallway right outside of the kitchen- the closets are on the left and the entry to the bath and second bedroom on the right. Straight ahead is the closet entry to the shelf.
Looking at the just the closets.
Looking into the second bedroom.
The Shower
Looking down into your bedroom-there will be double doors before the stairs.
Looking up from your bedroom
Looking into the family room. The framed in wall on the right. Don't worry-before you move in we will move the tools.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dave and Jane-this is for you!!

Above is the kichen cabinet, small square is the countertop and the bottom is the flooring.
This is a the flooring for the entire downstairs area except for the major bedroom and the small guest bedroom(also not in the kitchen or bath)<
Above is the bath vanity and flooring (granite tiles from in the garage)

Above is the kitchen countertop
Above is the kitchen floor.
This is the flooring for the major bedroom and small guest bedroom.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I really love the things made by cinnamon sticks. I hope that I win this.
Today I am reporting on the progress made at 27 Sycamore. We still don't know the exact address of the house, whether it is Mendon or Honeoye Falls. Too much is going on right now to spend time trying to figure that out. The above picture is the new construction to the downstairs kitchen. We spent some time on Sat am looking at cabinets and countertops for that kitchen. There are a zillion choices and all of them are pretty.
Here is the inside look at the bathroom. Inside the door way to the bathroom are two really nice sized linen closets.
Looking down on the bedroom. It has lots of natural light.
Upstairs- the new dining set.
Upstairs- the new (old) antique pillow cupboard.
New sofas and tables. We need blinds and curtains badly.. Also the new really pretty black oriental rug is not in yet. It goes under the coffee table in this room.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grandma Saves the Week!

This week I am spending time with my son and daughter-in-law in Kentucky. Although they are quite self-sufficient, my expertise as a mother is always appreciated (or at least I tend to think so). Necessity is the mother of invention. In order to appease Greg's needy behavior (he has now learned the art of whining), I placed him in the laundry basket while making dinner. He was happy and I was happy, what a lovely combination. Below is a picture of hime pretending to be a viking in his makeshift laundrybasket-boat.
The other picture is of Greg on his parents bed and we were goofing around taking pictures.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Below- Hayley's party and Above the black and pink table!!
What a weekend we had here!! On Friday night Hayley had her "black and white soiree" to celebrate her 18th bday. She invited all girls and they came in black and white. when they arrived she was dressed in bright pink. I guess that is the thing to do now. She actually looked darling and was the "bell of the ball". I spent the whole day grocery shopping, decorating and making food for the party. I had to go back and forth to Sycamore 2x because furniture was being delivered that afternoon. So now we have a bed to sleep on and Dad has a desk in his office. The party was a big success and we all slept there (including Rusty) on Fri night. Then on Sat am I got up and started cleaning up the whole thing so that Dad and I could have a dinner party that night for 7 people. He worked in the basement and I cleaned, cooked and set up for the next pary. I do have to say that the food was excellent- probably the best dinner that I have ever made. Garlic cheese stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes, basil green bean, salad, bread and lemon squares with raspberry sorbet for dessert. Right after dinner we went to see the rpo do "That's Amore" with guest tenor Tonio DiPaulo. It was great. After church we had to go out to the house again and clean up. Tonight I am packing to go Kent to see Noel and Amber and Greg.What a weekend!!