Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bike Race

This is another attempt to try to catch up on some of the events from this past summer. Actually, this event took place in September when Les and the kids were visiting with us for a week. That weekend Noel came up to Roch. to ride in a 100 mile bike race/ride with his friend Greg Creighton. It took place down in Bristol and swept along the lake by Naples. It ended up being a beautiful day with great temps and sunshine. We took Luke and Julia and attempted to be there at the finish line when they crossed. They were taking a lot longer to complete the 100 miles due to some detours they made along the way. Therefore, we tried to drive along the end of the route to cheer them on. Above is a pic of Luke and Julia climbing on a rock at a "rest stop" for the bikers. See the beautiful scenery behind them. It was glorious that day.
Papa with one little monkey.
The two amigos near the end of the race. They had just completed this really long uphill climb and were still smiling. We passed them in the car and when we passed Greg we yelled out the window to him. Julia was in her car seat in the back and did not quite get the fact that the Greg we were talking about was not Gregger her little cousin. When we mentioned Greg's sister Laura (wondering if she was in the race as well) Julia was very confused. After a little silence (where she was really thinking-wondering how she missed the fact that little Greg had a sister) she asked us if Greg's sister was older or younger. I said she was younger and Julia said "Is she one, since Greg is 2?" It was a definite "Who's on first" moment. What a fun day!!