Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Victorious at Sectionals

Here we are at the conclusion of the 1st sectional game against Webster Thomas. It was amazing mostly because the Fairport team has lost to just about every team in the section. They definitely could beat just about every team that they played but for whatever reason they haven't. So tonight they all played really well and beat the Webster team in 3 straight games. Webster was shocked to say the least. Hayley has the team mascot in her arms.Here is a very blurry picture of her in action.Here are three girls that are on the jv team. The reason I took their picture is because the girl on the left looks SO much like Julia. Every game Grandma and I watch her and marvel at how much we think she looks like what Julia will look like when she is older. This picture does not show the resemblance as much but she really does look like Julia. These girls don't even know me and must have wondered why I was taking their picture!

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Tacky Sweaters"

Today Hayley came home from practice with a request for a "tacky" sweater to wear to school tomorrow. It seems as though the vball team members are wearing said sweaters for a spirit thing to get psyched for tomorrow nights 1st sectional game. Grandma sent all her sweaters to the donation pile and the only thing we could think of was the pile of hand knitted sweaters that Gma dickens has knitted over the years. We have a box of them and they are beautifully knitted and really "vintage" instead of tacky. We have almost enough sweaters for the whole team to wear and a few of the girls are borrowing them. Grandma had no idea her hard work would be put to such good use.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Cooler Scooter

Last Saturday 10/18 was a beautiful fall day here- the kind pictures are taken of and people write about. Hayley's friend Eric from the Hornell Branch was here visiting and brought along his "cooler on a scooter". It is just what it sounds like- a cooler attached to a scooter that is run by electric power- it has to be plugged in and runs on a battery. Hayley and Eric spent a lot of time riding the cooler scooter around the neighborhood. Here is a pic of me riding it down the street. Hayley now wants a cooler scooter to take to college. She said she could put her sack lunch in it and ride to class. I wonder how long it will take her to ride it to Utah (or Idaho)?