Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up and Going Again

I decided that maybe I would like to get going again on my blog. Although, I am doing it all backwards, but I will get the hang of it again soon. Above is Grandma's bday gift. A Topiary arrangement that I thought looked particularly good on her table.

This is a picture of the pumpkin topiarys that I made for the front porch. I still need a wreath and some mums, but that is the next post.
close up of the topiary
Just realized that I am doing my posts backwards. The above picture is the apartment door wreath.
Yesterday was "Crafty Saturday" up on the "Ridge". Enthused by the fall like weather that we are having after a 90 dgree Thursday I decided to make some fall accesories for the back door and the apartment door. This picture above is the back door.


Donsher said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pumpkins!

The Pingrees said...

MOM! love the topiarys and crafts! can't wait for you to teach me so i can have some cute decorations!!